Feniex Fusion-S Rocker Panel - Sold as Pair The Feniex Fusion-S is the next evolution of the Fusion series. It is the world’s brightest and most competitively priced emergency warning line. User configurable in red, blue, amber, white, and green, the Fusion-S offers the user a new and improved 40-degree optic that is 60% brighter than the previous Fusion family. No lighting line can compare to the brightness and light performance of the Fusion-S series. Sold with Quad converter which is necessary for installation. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Sold to authorized personnel only - check local and state laws. Use Build-A-Bar below for color configuration. Mounting brackets are optional.


5 Customizable Color Options: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green

40-Degree Optical Light Spread for Long-Range Visibility

3-Programmable DOT Functions: Stop, Turn and Tail Light

Programmable Traffic Advisor: Left, Right and Center-Out

3-Programmable Brightness Levels: 10%, 50% and 100%

4-Programmable Priority Flashing Modes User

Programmable Cruise Mode 15-Programmable Flash Patterns Built-In

User Programmable Cut-Off Mode Built-In

User Programmable Flood Mode

User Programmable California-Red Mode Option

4-Mounting Options: L-Bracket, Rotating, Headliner and Window Mount

Waterproof & IP67 Rated for Protection Against any Elements

Black Aluminum Housing Provides Structural Reinforcement

Easy Field Serviceability with Plug-N-Play Connectivity

SAE, CT13, KKK, NFPA, ECE R65 Class 1 Certified.

The Quad converter has to be used to install this product and it is included.


Current Draw: 12 amps

Length: 10 Feet cable

LED Count: 96 LEDs

Input Voltage: 10-18 Volts DC

Dim: 1.3” H x 2.25" W x 64.41" L

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Made is USA - Austin, TX


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BUILD-A-BAR Click on this to color configure the light, once you have completed it, click Complete Build, then click the Share Build icon and e-mail it to sales@kartcollc.com.

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