SVP Cyclone 100 Watt Speaker. Patented Cyclonic Expansion chamber. Ultra Compact Design - Only 3" deep. Rugged glass filled nylon housing - will not rust!. User Replaceable rear facing driver. Specifications: •Output: 100 Watts •Impedance: 11 ohm •Dimensions: 6.6” x 6.6” x 2.9”. Weight: 8 lbs. •Exceeds Acoustical Requirements: SAEJ1859* / Title 13 Class A* / *Approved with SVP sirens. Mounting bracket options - please specify. Proudly made in the USA. Patented Cyclonic Expansion Chambers (Patent #8,265,320 B2 & D615,443 S). Factory drop ship, please allow 4-6 weeks on delivery.

D-44-16: Universal "L" bracket also fits '04-'05 Dodge Durango, '01 Ford Taurus, '02-'09 Ford Explorer, '04-'09 GMC Envoy, '02-'13 Chevrolet Avalanche, '02-'09 Chevrolet Surburban, '04-'06 Chevrolet Tahoe.(see photo)

D-44-17: Center Mount Bracket: '03-'11 Ford Crown Victoria

D-44-18: '07-'15 Chevrolet Suburban, '07-'15 Chevrolet Tahoe

D-44-19: '06-'13 Chevrolet Impala 

D-44-20: '06-'10 Dodge Charger

D-44-21: Universal two piece adjustable bracket (see photo)

D-44-22L: '08-'09 Ford F-Series Super Duty, Driver Side

D-44-22R: '08-'09 Ford F-Series Super Duty, Passenger Side

D-44-23: '08-'09 Ford E-350/450

D-44-24: '07-'11 Ford Expedition

D-44-27: '11-'12 Dodge Charger

D-44-28: '10 and up Ford Tarus, Police Interceptor

D-44-29; '11-15 Ford F350

D-44-30: '11-15 Dodge 4500

D-44-31: '11-'15 Chevrolet Police Caprice

D-44-32 '11-15 Dual Bracket for Dodge Charger

D-44-33: '10-'15 Dodge Durango

D-44-34: '10-'15 Dual Bracket for Ford Interceptor SUV 

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