STAR 9200 SERIES STROBE MINI-BAR. This mini-bar offers a compact , all-in-one package with reliability and attention getting power you need. The dual 360° high intensity strobes are enhanced with twin internal V-mirros. The circuit and strobe tube assemblies are fully encapsulate to guard against shock and vibrations and are also easily replaceable. Durable polycarbonate domes resist UV deterioration and are fully gasketed to protect against the elements. These mini-bars are offered in permanent mount or magnetic mount.  Magnetic mount versions ship with attached cig. plug with on/off switch.. Ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions. Available in amber, blue, red and clear domes. Clear domes have internal color Fresnel lens (please specify). Made in USA. Approvals: SAE J1318, Class 2, amber (double flash). Factory drop ship, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Amp Draw: 2.0 amps @ 12V DC

Joules: Double Flash 11.25 joules, Quad Flash 17.5 joules

Flash Rate: double flash: 128   Quad flash: 84 

Dimensions: 4-1/2"H x 16-1/8"W x 7-1/4"D (less magnets)

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